Single Calendar

SM Waves offers amazing automated tools to help you plan your social networks productively. Schedule posts on your social networks weekly, monthly, and even annually.
Control all your scheduled posts on your social media accounts in one single social media calendar. Saves your time and makes sure that your posts are published perfectly.


Connect your social networks and analyze the detailed data on your comprehensive growth and the performance of each post across your social networks.

Hashtag Search Engine

Select a keyword you want to check and obtain a complete list of hashtags related to it arranged by popularity.

Edit Images

Edit your images (crop, add text or logo, paint, apply filters, add frames, and more) before publishing them.


You can apply your social media marketing plan more effectively. Autolists allow you to automate recurring posts and focus more time on creating new content or accomplishing other tasks.

Best Time

Discover the Best time to publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter with the "Best Times" feature.

Extra Features for Planning

Some extra core features available