Plan, Create, Schedule & Post For All Your Brands On All Your Social Networks

With our service will help you save time and schedule unlimited posts and visualize your content pipeline on single calendar for all your social networks. We support (Instagram, Facebook pages and Groups, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Google Business, Linkedin Profile and pages, Pinterest Accounts, Telegram Groups and Channels).

Win The Game & Get All Benefits

Manage multi brands for your business or your clients for all social media networks in one account

Browse Online or install apps

You can use our service straight from the web on all browsers and smart mobiles. or install SM Waves on any operating system. we support a lot of systems.

Multi Channels of Social Networks

Plan, Create and Post on Multi Channels of social media networks includes Instagram (Personal or Business Profile) | Facebook (Pages and Groups) | Twitter Account | Youtube Channel | LinkedIn (Profile and Pages) | Google Business Profile | Pinterest Accounts | Telegram Groups and Channels

Accurate Scheduling

Save more time and Schedule posts to publish at a specific date and time of your choice, in the time zone of your choice. and work closely to lay out a better content marketing strategy for your brand.

Single Calendar

Schedule or publish posts on all your social networks accounts in one click, or for each social network account separately. and control all your scheduled posts of all social accounts in one single calendar to have review and edit it before Publish.

Queues up the right post

Automatically feed your social networks accounts from post queues, according to fixed or variable schedules and optional seasonal windows. Set unique time slots so you never have to worry about overlaps. and avoid confusing followers with outdated information by creating posts that self-destruct after a period of time

Never miss, with Repeat

Say it more than once, Reinforce important updates by repeating your posts — weekly or monthly

Tags and Locations

Add Tags or locations to your posts so that you can easily reach more of audiences

Different formats

SM Waves support different formats includes (Texts, Links, images and videos). With supported many publish ways for social media accounts includes (single posts, Album Posts, Stories and TV for Instagram)

Cloud storage

Save your posts on online with cloud storage and import it from Google Drive, Dropbox and onedrive

Analytics Report

Analyze the impact of your social media strategy. Create insightful reports that help you understand your audience and track social media performance.

Multi Members

Add unlimited members for managing your social networks. you can set for each member different features and permissions.

Safe and Secure

Your data is safe with us. no one have access to it. and you can revoke authorization of your login information for social network account anytime.


Download SM Waves on any operating system

Streamline your social media processes and delivers

Whether focusing on one brand or managing social across hundreds, Our service helps Comapanies, gencies and Individuals to be more productive by managing all their social media accounts from a centralized hub. Our service is guaranteed to save your hours each day.

A complete solution for your social marketing & save your time

With an intuitive interface and a lot of extra features to help you Design and create posts that are interesting and easier

  • (Suggested calendar) you will never miss public events.
  • Image editing, easy uploading and watermark support.
  • Easy free online tool to design and import visualizations
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What we Offer

We're more than a scheduling tool. Explore our features, and beat the algorithm.

We are partners for Official (API) on different platforms

We have certified permissions to drives automated publishing posts by using official (API) From (Instagram, Facbook, Twitter, Linkeding, Google and Yotube)

Measure and report for Instagram account

Get in-depth insights to grow your reach, engagement, and sales on Instagram

Watermark and captions managers

Auto set your logo on posts before publish. you can set different logo for each platform. and save your captions on (caption manager) to repeat use every time.

Brand Success drives business success

When competition for attention is fierce, and every customer is an influencer, growing an inspiring brand is a key success factor for your organization. From SMEs to large corporations, agencies and non-profits, teams of all sizes need to embrace the processes, workflows and tools that foster Brand Success.

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